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1Protigo GmbH Remscheid


Mr. Andrea Occhipinti

2Location Schlosserstrasse 15, 42899 Remscheid

  • Protigo´s expertise is based on 30 years of industry experience in technical cleaning
  • Production and filling lines for inhouse production and confectioning
  • Stock capacity of > 800 pallets
  • Tank vessel capacity of 145 m³
  • Just in time delivery services
  • Fully equipped laboratory for products development and quality control
  • EQHS certified as per ISO 9001 und ISO 14001
dekra 30%


Our Expertise:
Development and Production of high performance products for pretreatment, cleaning, protection and care of surfaces

Our Principles:
Best Quality and Efficiency are the values of Protigo

Our Mission:
Client Satisfaction and Earnings

Our Responsibility:
Considerate Development of Formulations respecting human life and environment


4Automotive & Transportation

- Cleaning and protection of shiny or laminated surfaces and glass
- Industrial cleaning of metal parts, brakes


- Yacht protection and cleaning of coatings. UV Protection and Ultra Gloss Finish .

6Buildings and Facilities

- Cleaning of production facilities, working areas and sales rooms

7Industry Services

- Online and offline industrial part cleaning, immersion cleaning, spray washing, hot and cold cleaning of industrial parts and manufacturing plants
- Paint removal and paint stripping
- Decalcification
- Rust removal
- Corrosion protection

8Food & Health Services

Grease removal, Extraction, Desinfection,
Production and sanitary cleaning

9Protigo Top Sellers

We are higly competitive with our well-established products and provide you with excellent quality for the following applications:

  • Series Omega und My + + +- Industrial Parts Cleaning
  • Series Rho + + + Passivation and Preservation
  • Series Omikron + + + Surface Finish and Repair
  • Series Gamma + + + Facility maintenance
  • Series Epsilon + + + Paint Stripping and Discolouration
  • Series Beta + + + Decalcification and Rust Removal
  • Series Lambda + + + Aqueous Cleaning Systems
  • Series Kappa + + + Non-Aqueous Cleaning Systems

+++ Special Offer Distilled Water +++ Price excluding VAT and shipping
1000 Liter (IBC) 315€
60 Liter Kunststoff-Fass 35€
30 Liter Kunststoff-Kanister 19€

10Customized Poducts

Protigo is your professional supplier of chemical operation material formulated to your unique working system requirements

- Our technicians develop successful products from standard formulations in close coordination with the customer

- In our „Fit-for-Future-Concept“ we adapt your formulation to meet existing and future legal regulations and ecological standards

11Private Label / OEM

- From initial stage and production to packaging: We help you to create a competitive product

- We are your partner in developing international markets

- Our products and documentation comply with country-specific regulations and client requirements.


12Technical Consultation

With qualified customer service at the highest level, we will find the suitable formula for your individual requirements at our premises in Remscheid

13Research & Development

- Development of entire product families and chemical-technical operation systems matching to individual client requirements

- Our substance and formulations database is subject to the newest scientific and toxicological findings and complies with international legal regulations

- Preparation of safety data sheets

14Laboratory Testing & Benchmark Services

  • Quality check in our laboratory on a regular basis
  • Product testing and benchmarking on customer`s behalf
  • Our In-house lab prepares test plans for physico-chemical determination of ingredients and product performance testing


Protigo GmbH
Schlosserstr. 15
42899 Remscheid

Telefon: 02191 / 94 44 - 0
Fax: 02191 94 44 - 60

Web: www.protigo.de
E-Mail: info@protigo.de



applications for technical sales positions are welcome

distributor applications for country representations are welcome

please submit your application to:

info@protigo.de topic: Vertrieb Deutschland